Well, here goes. Hi, I’m Rachel. Introductions are hard enough in person aren’t they? I’m reading too much into this and I just need to be myself, hopefully you’ll like me that way. And, if you don’t, then you can go read another blog. Tonight is a quiet night, the kids are next door at their grandparents house playing (yes I said next door…I know you feel my pain). SOMETIMES its not so bad, but others…eh. My husband is sleeping, and snoring as he so often does on Sunday afternoons to catch up on lost sleep from his busy summer work week. He does heating and air conditioning, and we live in California, so you can imagine his schedule.

I guess introductions are in order for all members of my rad family…I am Rachel as you know, Alex is my husband, I have twins, they’re Alex and Ethan, and then there’s our little princess(and shes knows it) Isabella. I am so so blessed to have such a wonderful family, and though at times things can be hectic, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am a lover of all things culture, most things baked and of all things fun. I am only 21…and I choose to tell you this so you can ooh and ahh at how large my family already is…no really, I get it all of the time so its ok. Had I not told you, you would probably think I was in my late 20’s, maybe even early 30’s because I love to sew, and bake, and I am just so darn wise. Hahaha. Plus, I say things like “pocket book” instead of wallet. Age makes no difference to me though, our bodies may grow old and weary, but our souls always stay young, because they last for eternity. It isn’t true when people say “all good things must come to an end.” There are no ends, only new beginnings. The glass is half full…yada yada yada. A lot of the things I actually say end with, “You know what I mean,” or, “so on and so on,” and, like I said above, “yada, yada, yada,” Because I am always being interrupted, (like now) by the little rascals. I sometimes don’t make sense, but as long as it’s alright with you, it’s alright with me.

Well, I hope you come back for more. Because there is more to come. I am also open to questions, and comments, and maybe even some topics you’d like to hear about out of my mouth, well hands actually, but from my mind. You can email me at BananasBlog@hotmail.com. I truly hope to hear from you soon.

Good news travels fast…so tell your friends there’s a new girl in blog town, k? Thanks.