If you are happy tonight.  Loved and Content.  Warm in your home surrounded by those you hold dear, remember these joys are just a shadow of what is to come.  This world is not your home.   Better days are ahead.

If tonight you hurt.  Memories flooding behind closed eyes as you lie in the dark.  Hounded by your grief. Take comfort, this world is not your home.  Better days are ahead.

If tonight you are alone.  Unloved. Everyone has someone.  Except you.

If tonight you are scared.  There is too much month at the end of your check.  No food in the pantry.  No gas in the car.

If tonight you are exhausted.  Worn out from trying to be everything to everyone.  Failing all around.

If tonight you crave the sin you left behind.  It calls to you.  Seductively offering a respite from your pain.  If the reasoning has began winding its way through your mind and heart.

Rest in this promise.  This world is not your home.  Better days are ahead.

I came across this poem of sorts in in this blog written by Amanda Sanders.  All of her stories are touching, and she is just a reminder that times can be at their toughest but you must always seek God, and he will provide, because even if not in our time, he always does.

I love my family so much, and it is just so hard to imagine all of the hurt and pain that may burden my children as they grow, and I hate that.  I know that the Lord will lead them, and that he will help them find strength, but I fear he might use them as an example of how the strong aren’t really strong at all.  I try so hard not to let fear come over me, and to keep the vision of hope for better days in my head.  It becomes a difficult task if I sit and think of all of the worldly things my children may go through.  But, I always go back to reminding myself that God provides, he heals, and he makes all things new.  I should not fear the world, because it is in the palm of his hand, and through him, all miracles are possible, and without hope, we cannot have faith.  So, I am always hoping for better days, so that I may keep my faith in him.

DSCN3116Lord, I pray that you keep my little ones safe, and free from harm.  I pray that you use them to show the world what good people are.  Help me to teach them the lessons most valuable in life.  Help me teach them how to love, how to hope, and how to have an open mind, and heart.  Let us not judge others for their sins, but help us to take a good look at ourselves.  Lord I thank you every day for all of the richness you have brought to my life.  I thank you for a husband who is trying his best to let you lead him, so that he can lead us. And, I thank you for beautiful children in both minds and souls.  Amen.