So, I thought I’d share with you my experience with kindergarten moms and dads today. I was asked last night if I could take my friends daughter (We’ll call her Princess) to her second day of kindergarten, of course I said yes, I love her and her sister so much, there’s not much I wouldn’t do for those little girls. She goes to the “afternoon” class which was kind of nice because it gave me enough time to get her and all of the other little rascals ready for the day without rushing around the house like a chicken with its head cut off. So I get to her school, and I pull up to the gateway to the kindergarten playground, all the moms and dads are taking pictures, and oh so sweetly watching their little babies go off to set their backpacks down and hit the swings. I get out of the truck, the gigantic truck, and my twins start screaming, at first gentle screams, but it builds as I walk around to get Princess out of her side of the truck. Already the “Lookie Lou’s” are a- lookin’. Then, I take Princess up to the gate, open it up, and I ask her if she has to wait until the teacher greets her for me to leave, and that right there was just the wrong question because all heads turned from the truck to me, like “What kind of mom are you? You’ve got three kids screaming in your earth killing, gas guzzling, space taking truck, and you ask HER if you need to wait, get it together lady!” But I keep my cool like I always, well ok usually do, told her to have a good day, then was interrupted by even louder shrieking. I turn and there’s a big lady walking by gawking at my kids and look around for their owner. I look at her through the rays of sun in my eyes and tell her, “They’re mine, and I’m right here.” She pretended she wasn’t giving me dirty looks. “Ok, bye Princess! See you later.” Oh the judgement that stirs the pot we call this big world. Is it really your job to give me dirty looks? I’m sorry I didn’t want to take my 3 kids, out of all of the 3 car seats, only to walk 15 feet away from the truck for less than 2 minutes. Mind your own business please, thank you.